The Magic Lens – Canon 50mm F1.8 Lens Review

First off I would similar to to say that such an is one of the actual most under rated camera lenses in the whole field. In thisarticle I will also try and inform your corporation why I have shaped this opinion. Many guests feel slightly underwhelmed considering the results they try to get when they start recording with their first online digital slr camera. Their are perhaps two main mistakes it people make when flowing from compact cameras to positively SLRs. The first is simply that they use most of the automatic or preset techniques within the camera as you are shooting. In my head this is like investing in a Ferarri and never leaving first gear.

To unleash the strength of a SLR model you need to commence learning about how to be able to some of the partially manual or manual techniques. The second mistake is that people fail to understand how important lenses take presctiption a camera. In manifestation magic alexander review of compact digital cameras selling efforts seem to depend about the number associated mega pixels a video camera system boasts. Large numbers towards pixels will only provide you a large image, not generally a sharp one. All the lens on any camera system is the most urgent part and the an individual who truly defines the screen impression quality the camera turns out.

One downside is that a majority of great lenses cost countless hundreds, if not hard earned cash. The Magic Lens The Canon millimeters f . is doubtless the best value standard zoom lens money can buy. Also known as the ‘nifty fifty’ it is under $ and offers images that are on the internet for in quality with the many taken on Canons T series or professional spectrum. The reason this lens is so cheap is that Canon has only concentrated on the glass optics in this lens.

The rest of the application such as the vinyl body, noisy auto focus, barrel design etc are usually built cheaply . Reasonable to anyone starting outside in the world of digital camera photography would be to this lens. In concept I would recommend it in place with the standard kit lens for anyone who is about to buy a totally new camera.

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